Thursday, 24 July 2014

The Process Of Surrogacy And Its Advantages

Life is a never ending journey of surprises, miracles- that are just waiting to happen, with new beginnings ready to breathe in and new possibilities to reestablish your faith. In surrogacy, the nature works in accord with human intellect and technology, giving new hopes and dreams to the disheartened. When the less intrusive methods of conceiving fail, Surrogacy has the capability to bring back the untold hope of becoming a parent.

Science has always amazed mankind with its my steries, Surrogacy is a much needed derivative of the same. A surrogacy agreement or arrangement is carried out for intended parents, in which the pregnancy occurs from the transfer of an embryo created by in- vitro fertilization (IVF), in a way that the resulting child is genetically unrelated to the surrogate. This is a process that is intricate and sensitive and should be carried out only in the presence of a proficient doctor.


There are many advantages attached to this process. Some of them are listed below:

1. A good alternative to adoption: 

Surrogacy provides a good alternative to adoption. In adoption the intended parents are not genetically related to the child whereas in surrogacy this is not the case.

2. Success Rates: 

This arrangement gives a more successful route of  becoming a parent to the couples who have been having difficulty in conceiving due to some complications.

3. Cells of the parents used for conception:

It is one of the most celebrated advantages of surrogacy. The interests and the relationships of the intended parents are safeguarded against any legal or emotional complications in the future. The cells of the parents are used for the conception.

4.  Involvement in the pregnancy: 

Another advantage of this arrangement is the level of participation the parents can have throughout the course of pregnancy and the birth of their child. There can be agreements on visitations and attending the prenatal appointments collectively. This way the intended parents and the surrogate can enjoy the journey towards parent-hood together.

5.  Confidential and protected: 

Surrogacy is a legal and protected practice. A licensed agency such as WYZAX regarded as one of the Best IVF Center In India, offer assistance to the intending parents. They are trustworthy and uphold the utmost levels of privacy and discretion- aspects that are vital for the success of surrogacy.

6. Health Benefits: 

If the intending mother has been suffering from genetic illnesses such as diabetes or kidney diseases, surrogacy gives the option of having a partially biological and healthier child.

Surrogacy in Delhi is a practice that is gaining momentum. It is a safer and an emotional route to becoming a parent. Getting an arrangement made from the Best Surrogacy Center In India, such as WYZAX can ensure that everyone intended can experience the joy of parenthood.

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