Thursday, 26 February 2015

Donna & Phillip Debono
Donna & Phillip Debono's Success Story To Become Parent Thru Surrogacy

I heard about Surrogacy on T.V. I than looked further into this and came across wsc I had looked further into the Website and found that they had a great success rate I was looking in Surrogacy since the time I had seen it on T.V.
Yes we were able to have a choice in choosing a Surrogate in terms with the age we preferred and it was left up to the Doctor to choose the best suitable Surrogate I have not meet the Surrogate during Pregnancy but am able to meet her once the baby is born. 

The Surrogate is well looked after by WSC as she is monitored regularly no we have not spoken to the Surrogate through the phone/Skype We were regularly updated on the Surrogate’s Pregnancy and yes we were sent email’s on reports and scans that were performed on the Surrogate Yes the agency were prepared for any kind of emergency as the Surrogate is always monitored WSC have co-ordinate between me and the Surrogate in regular updates on how things were at their end.

WSC have prepared all the Legal Documents as per the guidelines and we were sent all relevant paperwork via Email WSC have charged us the costs as per their agreement as per stages throughout the pregnancy you only pay the costs as you go along in 5 stages.

The value of Money was very efficient and it is great that you can pay in stages this helps a lot We are very pleased and satisfied with the Doctors as they have the time to speak to you anytime you need to ask them a question and they explain the process to you step by step. 

Yes I would highly recommend this to Family or Friends who are trying to have a baby Surely the journey with WSC is very satisfactory and the people that work here are very professional in what they do they will go out of their way to help and assist you in anything you require. 

The thing that impressed us the most was the friendliness of the co-ordinator here in Melbourne she is very understanding and very, very helpful no matter what the problem was she was always there to Re - insure us and she is someone that really cares about what is going on she goes beyond and above to assist you no matter what (Thank you Giselle)

We were not disappointed with WSC they have been very helpful throughout the Pregnancy we would have liked to been a little more informed on the progress during the Pregnancy in regards to USG Scans when appointments were being made. 

Our case Manager was Inderpreet and she also has been very understanding and helpful throughout this journey we would just love to thank everyone at WSC for all there help and support without these guys this would have not been possible. 

I would highly recommend anyone that wants a baby to definitely go through WSC as they are professional well organised and have exceptional knowledge of what they are doing.

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